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Originally produced for the Pepsi Art Dome at Voodoo Music + Arts Experience (a.k.a. VoodooFest) 2015 in New Orleans, this piece is a collaboration between artists and animators at Likuid Art and FullDomeLab. This stunning, immersive creation, featuring original score and sound design, showcases work by artists from Likuid Art’s growing online subscription-based art repository, including Android Jones, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Karen Bystedt, Devin Liston and Gosha Levochkin (working as devNgosha) and LikuidArt’s own Chris Saunders. Their work has been reimagined for the 360° fulldome format using 3D modelling, animation and compositing to bring still images to life put the audience inside the art.

Technical Parameters

Release: 2015

Genre: visual show

Format: 4096x4096 px

Running Time: 16 min

Produced by FullDome Lab

Conceived of and directed by the Likuid Art creative team of David Gardner and Chris Saunders, it presents a new way to experience art.


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