Jump from space into imaginationFlight of Fancy

Join adventurer Felix Baumgartner on his October 2012 jump from a balloon at the edge of space to Earth, almost 39,000 meters (128,000 feet) below. Before parachuting to safety he broke the speed barrier in a freefall that lasted over four minutes. This short film uses actual footage, computer graphics and 3D effects to take the viewer from the adrenaline rush of the jump, throught the graceful parachute descent and beyond the landing, into a journey of the imagination in an immersive fulldome experience.

in February 2013 an one man made the incredible – a space jump. He jumped from an altitude more then 120 000 feet, broke the speed of sound in freefall, and set several world records. Millions people all over the world watched his jump online. After landing he said, “In my mind, I did that jump many times. I was ready to go”. Do you want to feel what it is to jump from the edge of space?

Technical Parameters

Release: 2014

Genre: visual show

Format: 4096x4096 px 3D

Running Time: 8 min

Languages: English, Russian

Produced by FullDomeFilmOrg

“Flight of Fancy” will put you in this man's place, you will see our planet from space with his eyes, get over the fear of a “death spin”, and experience amazing virtual G-forces! The show combines the newest fulldome technology and excellent computer graphics. The 3D effect all around you will make you the hero of the show.

“Flight of Fancy” is not just a space jump; it is an extreme adventure within the human imagination. Many worlds that we create in our mind are passing by, one after another, with the speed of thought. Take your own flight of fancy!


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