Immersive 360o Fulldome & VR Content

Our team of producers, directors, videographers, animators and post-production specialists are experienced frameless filmmakers and can steer your project from idea to dome.

Why Choose 360ART.PRO?

Fulldome and VR Content

Fulldome content, real-time and time lapse shooting in fulldome format, 2D & 3D animation, architectural visualization, custom solutions, interactive games, educational and entertainment content.

Turnkey Exhibition Solutions

Full multimedia projects and exhibitions, art gallery shows, panoramic projection, art objects installations, costume shows, live digital performances, DJ and VJ shows. We deliver a complete solution – you just need to switch it on and wait for the audience to be amazed.

Filming and Post Production

All kinds of content, promotional videos, documentary, entertainment, using fixed cameras, dollies or drone and remote camera operation, helicopter and vehicle rigs. Our R&D team are always experimenting with the latest cameras, equipment and

Studio Showcase


Samskara is a modern digital art projects which is totally new, a trend of immersive art what we call a digital environment. It’s a beautiful combination of artwork, the artist’s imagination, digital technology and projection technology, with panoramic mapping protection, fulldome and VR oculus projection. It’s also includes other modern art such as digital 3d printing, sculptures and painting digital artworks, composing materials like gold, silver and other composing material given in an amazing way to light up art.

Dino Planet

On Dino Planet, Professor Schwartz has been raising dinosaurs since they were eggs. Now he would like to show you his pre-historic pets. Join the professor for an exciting and educational journey in his trusty (or should that be rusty) vehicle, Auto. Observe and learn about different types of dinosaurs as the tour winds through majestic tropical forests, an abandoned launch site and a frozen sled track. The professor is keen to share all he has learned about the creatures in his care.


On one beautiful planet Goloka on the slopes of the sacred Govardhan Hill, a little Prince Gopal together with his friends grazes herds of cattle. Breaking an annual tradition of giving honors to Lord Indra and treating Govardhan instead, Gopal angered Indra very much so Indra decided to avenge himself with the villagers and Gopal. Who will help Gopal and his friends and stop ruthless Lord Indra?

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Solar System show's Sino Science success!

The FullDome Lab co-production with Fulldome Film Society and FisheyeVision, "Solar System: A Wonderful Journey" has just won the Most Popular Film Award at the 6th Chinese Science and..


Jagannath Astaka at Mumbai Rath Yatra festival

At the Mumbai Rath Yatra festival in mid-March devotees of the Hindu deity Jagannath enjoyed a new animated film, created for Govinda VedicPlanetarium, by FullDome Lab, specifically for the event...


IAAPI EXPO 2016 Mumbai

IAAPI EXPO 2016 Mumbai, Our staff were recently in Mumbai, India for the Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries Expo (IAAPI EXPO 2016). We showed our latest immersive dome content including Samskara, Dino Planet and Chiang Mai Deep Trip..


Old city celebrates in a new way

Chiang Mai celebrated its old city with some new technology when organizers of the city's 720 year anniversary festival invited FullDomeLab and to join the party. The 5 meter dome showed Samskara, Gopal, Chiang Mai Deep Trip and other FullDomeLab..


Two domes at TEDx Chiang Mai

The TEDx Chiangmai event held at Le Méridien Chiang Mai, on Saturday 30 January gave locals and visitors an opportunity to experience some of the creative work of local businesses and organizations. In particular, guests had a rare chance to see the work..


NTU Singapore visit FullDomeLab in Chiang Mai

On Tuesday 5 January 2015 FullDome Lab was honored to host faculty members and students from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore , NTU School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) in Singapore at our..


FullDomeLab give a party to Panyaden School

It's not every day the star of the film you have just watched invites you star in a film of your own but that is what happened to the P1 class of Panyaden School, Chiang Mai. The students were visiting the FullDome Lab..


Creative magic showcased at Voodoo Fest

FullDomeLab worked with LikuidArt to produce a stunning exhibition for the Pepsi Art Dome at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience 2015 (a.k.a. VoodooFest) held in New Orleans, Louisianna over the Halloween weekend..


SAMSKARA on Burning Man 2015

The enclosed dome, built by as part of the Museum of Visionary Artists gallery, survived several sand and dust storms at this year’s annual gathering in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada ...